Watch the video and answer the questions then reply back to the 2 posts provided with 50 words on each

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For this week’s discussion, we’ll do something that is common in classes – watch a video and connect it to course material. First, watch this interesting TED talk (Links to an external site.) on creativity. Then, in your post connect the material in the film to at least TWO concepts from this week’s chapter on thinking, language and intelligence. See if you can be creative in your connections (after all, the talk is about creativity).

Reply: In the Ted Talk, “The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers,” Adam Grant discusses the idea of thinking creatively and originally. He goes about this topic by evaluating different work ethics in which he identifies that procrastinators are the most creative thinkers. Moderate procrastinators are shown to be more creative opposed to precrastinators and heavy procrastinators. I feel that this idea of procrastinating and coming up with creative ideas relates heavily to the concept of thinking.The textbook chapter goes into depth about the steps of thinking, and I believe that procrastination is a form of time needed to complete the three steps. When Grant mentions Warby Parker and their initial delay on the startup of their company, I thought about how time was necessary in order to get their end result. Having a great idea and rushing into pursing it may be productive and showcases eagerness and determination, however, falls short of time to think of more ideas that could contribute to the end result. This relates the the idea of divergent thinking and convergent thinking. With enough time, you are able to come up with many possible solutions or ideas until eventually you get the best one which is an implementation of convergent thinking. Being able to come up with something creative and original is not always sudden, time is needed for thoughts and ideas to develop. This also relates to the idea of concept of algorithms and thinking that things need to be done a certain way for the best results. Creative thinkers think outside the box and the best ideas are sometimes constructed abstractedly.

Reply: I found this TED talk to be very relatable, in life you come across many different types of people and I would definitely consider myself to be in the procrastinator category. A lot of times I can get stuck on thinking of ideas or topics to talk about in school, work and in regular day to day situations, but for some reason when I wait until the day of or every minutes before something is due I get this rush of ideas and things to talk about. I like that Grant brought up the six steps in the creative process, using this as a tool for problem solving, starting out thinking negatively that the project you are working on is not going well to turning it into positive and motivational, using “thinking” to find a new way to make the idea or project come to life. The second concept that relates is creativity, when a person is procrastinating, generally they are running short on time and are forced to think outside of the box, coming up with creative and often colorful ideas.

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