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 As the consultant, What type of evidence would you propose to show that an integrative approach produces the best medical outcomes in medical care?

As the CEO of a specialty clinic consortium that is dedicated in delivering only the highest level in cancer care treatment, we consider every method of healing, evaluate the benefits and decide whether we wish to integrate new and, possibly, improved methods into our clinics.

Information needed before continuing evaluation of method:

How does this practice help the patients? What evidence can you provide which proves your methods to be safe and effective? Is it cost effective? Will the methods you have introduced interfere with therapies they are already receiving? What sort of funding will this need to implement this practice into our facilities? What are the statistics? Are we talking about bringing in licensed professionals into our facilities for these treatments or can our staff be trained/certified? What is the efficacy and cost effectiveness of your proposed methods compared to conventional medical care alone? (Greeson, Rosenzweig, Halbert, Cantor, Keener, & Brainard, 2008).

In “Developing an integrative medicine patient care protocol from the existing practice of Ayurveda dermatology” they mention that a minimum of a 30 minute counseling session for every patient is essential before informed consent is gained (Narahari, Aggithaya, Morrow, & Ryan, 2016). Is this something that would be implemented at our facilities as well?



Greeson, J. M., Rosenzweig, S., Halbert, S., Cantor, I. S., Keener, M. T., & Brainard, G. C.  (2008).  Integrative medicine research at an academic medical Center: Patient characteristics and health-related quality-of-life outcomes. Journal Altern. Complementary Med, 14(6), 763-767.  Retrieved from the Pub-Med Central database.

Narahari, S. R., Aggithaya, M. G., Morrow, S. E., & Ryan, T. J. (2016). Developing an integrative medicine patient care protocol from the existing practice of Ayurveda dermatology. Current Science (00113891)111(2), 302-317. doi:10.18520/cs/v111/i2/302-317


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