week 2 Understanding Logistics in Disaster Response

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In the Preposition NPS article (found in Course Documents), review the value of prepositioning disaster supplies ahead of a disaster. In each case presented, determine if the effort to move supplies made a significant impact on the success or failure of the event.

Select one event and provide an example of an action that would have provided a better outcome for the disaster. Briefly explain how you came to that conclusion. Make sure it’s an APA style and at least 3 sources.

Preposition NPS

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Week 2 Information Understanding Logistics in Disaster Response

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Pre-position and pre-planning is an essential tool for any disaster or humanitarian operation. A good example of this could be found with Hurricane Katrina. Having adequate supplies to support mass movement and support of displaced citizens along with responders was a crucial element in Katrina. Successes and failures resulted in significant changes in both Federal law and response.

Hopefully by know you are begining to understand how logistics establishes and supports the foundation of every emergent event. This is more than food and water. Logisitcs must support medical, safety, infrastructure, power, etc.

The NPS article should provide a great awareness of the critical element of pre-position. Take the opportunity to expand your thinking in the discussion board.


1.Identify and discuss the need for logistic support in various types of emergencies


1.Critical analysis of literature

2.Asynchronus group discussion


1.Tatham and Christopher Chapter 1

2.Kovacs and Spens Chapter 2

3. Selected Articles- NPS


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