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Research that looks at the relationship between patient safety outcomes and nurse education levels, ADN vs. BSN, have mixed results. While researching articles for this post, I found that the most important nursing factor in safety outcomes is nurse to patient ratios. One study, Baccalaureate Education in Nursing and Patient Outcomes, (Blegen et al., 2013), did find a statistically significant improvement in outcomes in patients cared for by baccalaureate prepared nurses. The study showed that hospitals with higher proportions of BSN-educated nurses had lower rates of hospital acquired pneumonia, DVT’s, PE’s, length of stay as well as reduced incidence of failure to rescue CHF patients. Mortality rates at these hospitals was also found to be reduced (Blegen et al., 2013). In my personal experience, I have found that education levels are a factor in some incidence, but that the most important factor tends to be experience levels. For instance, a few weeks ago a nurse on the neurology unit where I work played a vital role in rescuing a patient that was admitted for a TIA but was found to be have a myocardial infarction. Based on this ADN nurses previous experience working on a cardiac floor, they were able to identifying a variation in the patient’s telemetry monitoring that indicated something unusual was going on. Other, BSN prepared nurses had missed this clinical factor over a period of hours but the patient was rescued and a cardiac catheterization with stent placement was done. While I certainly agree that the more education all nurses get is vital to improving overall patient outcomes and satisfaction, having a good mix of newer and more experienced nurses is very important as well. BSN prepared nurses show a higher degree of dedication to their profession, perhaps, and by encouraging all nurses to continually improve their knowledge and skill levels our patients will likely have better outcomes overall.

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