Week 4 Discussion: Sarah Corbett’s TED Talk

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can u please make two responses for the following posts:


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What is the speaker’s main argument? Or what is her thesis? How did she come to argue this claim? What personal experiences led her to her conclusions?
Corbett’s main argument is that activism needs introverts. She is arguing this claim from her personal experiences, because she is also an introvert. She is an activist but also an introvert and she knows about all the struggles that introvert activists face each day, each protest.
Name at least 3 specific examples/pieces of evidence she uses to support her argument?
“. . .Made me really angry, as well, inside. I thought, “This isn’t fair, I’m an introvert, and all of the offline campaigning seems to be favoring extroverts.’”
“It was very loud activism, it always involved lots of people, it was performing. None of it was for introverts, and I not only thought that that wasn’t fair, because a third to a half of the world’s population are introverts”
“It wasn’t only the loud stuff. It wasn’t about people performing all the time. A lot of the work that was needed was in the background, was hidden, wasn’t seen.”
What was the biggest takeaway that you had from this video? What interested you the most?
My big takeaway from this video is that activism is for everyone; it’s not just for people who can scream loud and have lots of Twitter followers, it’s for everyone including the small people with great ideas.
Who is the intended audience of his talk? What is her purpose?
The intended audience of this talk are activists, anyone with an interest in activism, and anyone who cares about having their voice heard. Her purpose is to show people that small voice have revolutionary ideas that aren’t heard often and/or don’t get the credit they deserve.
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Have you experienced the same feelings that Corbett explains in her talk?
I am more of an extrovert, so I haven’t really been able to experience what she feels but watching this Ted Talk made me realize how insensitive people are and I very much want to be part of the change.
Do you agree or disagree with Corbett’s main claim?
I do agree with Corbett’s main claim because I have friends who are scared to share their ideas that are brilliant but they don’t know that because they are too scared to share.
Does this video add or change your understanding of how activism and social media interact?
Yes, it does. I say this because as a kid I always thought of protests and activism as time when you can yell your opinion and that it was always effective, but sooner I learned otherwise.



Sep 10 at 10:17pm

Manage Discussion Entry

The speaker’s main argument is the activism between the introvert people and extrovert people and she came to argue this claim because of past personal experience a few years ago, about seven years ago she said when she was volunteering for a large charity on climate justice and she was resting in the toilet every time after she felt exhausted because of people who don’t care at that time about climate change and how she was able at the end of her shift to communicate with large number of them and sign the petitions about climate justice to educate them about it. Her ability to achieve this goal was what made her come to argue.
The speaker used some examples to support her argument like making gifts for people in power such as Marks and Spencer, when her mother used to send her texts in capital letters and making small bits of provocative street art which are hung off eye level with provocative messages that get people join and think.
What interested me the most is how she categorize people in three groups of extroverts, introverts and ambiverts and how she have each category engage in a certain way to control their activism and use it in a positive way.
In her talk she targeted any person who is extrovert, introvert or ambivert. Meaning of that anyone can be in any type but should active in a certain way that aligned with what thinking.
According to her talk I consider myself introvert because I always text my friends and family in capital letters thinking that I am attracting their attention when I do so.
I agree with Corbettt’s main claim and how people should interact according to the category they belong to.
About if this video changes my understanding, yes it dose but I want add a little portion about categorizing people in those three types. What I think is some people are already introvert because of several thinks happened in their life that makes them what they are and some others are extrovert but they change to be introvert which is kind of super complicated to expect how their activism will be, so sometimes they be aggressive and sometimes not. I believe to be ambivert needs a lot of work and years of study instead of categorizing people and decide how to interact in social media. What I mean social media does not represent or it is not a health standard measure to reflect on how people should react.


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