What factors and influences were studied

PSY 215 Literature Review BasicWhat factors and influences were studieds

In this course, you will conduct a literature review on a very basic level. You will use the Literature

Review Example and Literature Review Template to guide you in a way that makes your review fit the

needs of your final project.


Full Literature Reviews

If you were doing a full literature review, you would choose 6 to 12 research articles on your topic of

interest. Normally, you would use the articles to either examine a controversy more closely or to make a

point that is backed up by research. In this course, instead of choosing all of the studies on your own,

you are provided with several studies, and you will choose a couple on your own. You will use the

studies to identify a gap in the research that you can fill with a study you design.


The research you are being provided with in this course is somewhat broad to give you some freedom in

your topic choice. If you were conducting a traditional literature review, you would look for a narrow

scope of studies that pertained to a topic you would already have chosen. The Shapiro Library has a

number of psychology-related databases that you could use for your search.


In a typical literature review, you would start with the theme of your topic or the point that you plan to

make with the literature. These are the typical points you should include:


 Your research question and how it relates to the studies you have chosen

 A brief outline of the way in which you have organized your review

 Detailed descriptions of each study, including your evaluation of each study’s strengths and


 What the studies show and what you believe this means


Adapted Literature Reviews for This Course

You will not go to the level of depth of a full literature review in this class. Instead, you will fill out the

Literature Review Template (using the Literature Review Example as a guide), which has sections that

directly relate to the final project rubric. However, if you are pursuing a degree in psychology, you will

eventually do formal literature reviews. The exercise in this class will give you a foundation in the basics

that you can build upon in your future studies.


To fill out the template, you will read the three provided articles and the two articles you selected in the

same way that you would read articles in a traditional literature review. Here are some pointers:


Scan the article to identify the following:


 The research question/purpose and specific hypothesis

 What factors and influences were studied

 What other studies found

 What type of research design was uWhat factors and influences were studiedsed and whether the research was conducted ethically



Pay particular attention to the abstract, introduction, results, and discussion to quickly locate these



Fill out the template using information from the article and applying concepts you learned in the text to

successfully complete your literature review.

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