What is trauma

Childhood Trauma and the Effects on Brain Development

1. Introduction

Childhood trauma is a serious problem, can lead to injury of a brain development and neurodevelopment that have lifelong affects.

1. Trauma

1. What is trauma

1. Impact it has on children

1. Importance of protecting children from trauma

1. Brain Development in children

1. Key parts of the brain development

1. Trauma effects specific parts of the brain

1. Early trauma results in a long-term impact on child

1. Exposure to trauma/stress effects on child

1. Effects on behavioral level

1. Effects on neural level

1. Both play a role in early experiences and development

1. Behaviors of traumatized child patient

1. Signs to watch for

1. Behaviors towards other children and people

1. Watch for abnormal parents or family history

1. Childhood trauma lasting effects

1. Trauma can cause issues into puberty/young adult years

1. Some trauma causes psychological issues

1. Better to stop it as early as possible to avoid further damage

1. Psychological issues stemming from trauma

1. Define psychological issues

1. Give examples of problems that stem from trauma

1. Provide evidence of people effected by trauma long term

1. Treatment of childhood trauma

1. Expose to a different environment

1. Medical treatment

1. Psychological treatment

1. Conclusion

a. What is trauma

b. Trauma effects on the brain development

c. Treatments of childhood trauma

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