What principles influence your work

Final Assignment (30% of Course Grade) Total of 100pts



Final Assignment is a case study (8–10 pages, APA required, with appropriate references. At least four references).


This assignment will involve use of a current case from your field internship.



-Session 3 provides a review to think through Carla’s case that is presented in the O’Hare text—–Chapter 7. This review is an orientation to working on developing a case study that involves a Case Service Plan (as a diagram) based on application of evidence that informs practice. Also, provided is an example of a case service plan from this case that further elaborates an application involving strategies and skills that will support specific client outcomes.

-Session 6.6 provides a review on how to include skills and objectives for Noah’s case presented in the O’Hare text —-


I: CLIENT PRESENTATION: For a total of 20 pts


Please provide an introduction in outline form: (4pts)


Service context/setting:


Your role:

Client(s) description:




Other important bio-psycho-social-spiritual that are important to consider:

Length of time working together:

Number of times you have met:


Respond to the following questions in a narrative form:

1. Presenting problem from both of yours and the client’s perspective (4pts)


2. Describe your therapeutic alliance with your client (4pts)


3. Data that presents the client’s strengths, risk, and protective factors (4pts)


4. Challenges (4pts)


II: CLIENT CASE FORMULATION: For a total of 20 pts


1.Based case formulation on an assessment of: (5pts)

– the client,

– Client’s situation

– The client’s involvement in the change process

2.Use evidence that informs understanding of need, their capacity to learn, grow, and change, with agreed-upon priorities (from the client, client system, your assessment, and the literature). (5pts).

3.What are their goals? (5pts).

4.Describe how are you are facilitating steps forward in your work together? (5pts).


III: CLIENT SERVICE PLAN – based on case formulation: For a total of 30 pts


(See examples of service plans in the O’Hare text at the end of Chapters 5–16.)


Present the Client Service Plan in the form of a Table as demonstrated in the O’Hare text.


Additions to the table include a category following interventions that described strategies and skills, and an additional category that describes outcomes that are possible because of the intervention. You could find an example of Noah on your LMS in the toolbox.



IV: SUMMARY REVIEW – based on client service plan: For a total of 30 pts


1. Discuss the evidence for the choice of intervention that takes into account client and social network factors, supporting your choice. (5pts)


2. Review how your work is culturally responsive. Use references supporting your review. (5pts)


3. Assess your work with the client that includes evidence of outcomes. Note that this should be in line with the assessment and evaluation table presented in the client service plan. How have you, with your client, evaluated progress or goal achievement? (5pts)


4. What principles influence your work? (5pts)


5. Review next steps with this client if the work has not concluded based on what has worked and what you want to do differently. Reference literature that supports these reflections.


Review your work if it has concluded: What was helpful? What would you do differently? What contributes to this review? Reference literature that supports these reflections. (10pts)

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