what role do pseudo events play in the popularity or unpopularity of media figures and or politicians

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THIS IS THE QUESTIONS: What role do pseudo-events play in the popularity or unpopularity of media figures (such as Kim Kardashian and/or Kanye West) and/or politicians (such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and/or Barack Obama)?

Successful papers will use the rhetorical concepts from this semester, a number of which are compiled under “Rhetorical Vocabulary” under Assignments on Blackboard, to explain the rhetorical strategies and techniques involved in the topics. Successful papers will be objective and clear-headed about this analysis, using concise vocabulary terms rather than shallower concepts such as “whining.” To achieve this, students should research one or more specific “sides” in the debate and explain the strategies that occur frequently in the arguments associated with these perspectives. Successful papers should cite at least three quality sources. Most successful papers will likely cite more than three.

Remember: The purpose of rhetorical analysis is to explore and explain the connection between the rhetor (the person making the argument), his or her audience, and the rhetorical concepts/strategies. As such, an audience must be a significant part of your analysis here.


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