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When I read Wolf for the first time, I found myself highlighting a lot of text. The quotes below are among those that I found most provocative. Which parts of the Wolf readings did you find most provocative? Why?

  • When we quietly go about our business as our rights are plundered, when we yield to passivity and switch on the Wii and hand over our power to a leadership class that has no interest in our voice, we are not acting like true Americans. Indeed, at those moments we are essentially giving up our citizenship.” ~ Naomi Wolf
  • “It has been said that each generation must win its own struggle to be free.” ~ Robert F. Kennedy
  • “Many histories of our nation’s founding focus on a small group, ‘a band of brothers’ or ‘the Founding Fathers’—the handful of illustrious men whose names we all know. This tight focus tends to reinforce the idea that we are the lucky recipients of the American gift of liberty and of the republic, not ourselves its stewards, crafters, and defenders. It prepares us to think of ourselves as the led, not as the leaders.” ~ Naomi Wolf
  • We are not to wait for others to lead. You and I are meant to take back the founders’ mandate, and you and I are meant to lead. You and I must protest, you and I must confront our representatives, you and I must run for office, you and I must write the op-eds, you and I must take over the battle. The founders…did not intend for us to delegate worrying about the Constitution to a cadre of constitutional scholars, or to leave debate to a class of professional pundits, or to leave the job of fighting for liberty to a caste of politicians. They meant for us to defend the Constitution, for us to debate the issues of the day, and for us to rise up against tyranny: the American who delivers the mail; the American who teachers our children; ordinary people.” ~ Naomi Wolf
  • “Today we have most of our rights still codified on paper—but these documents are indeed ‘only paper’ if we no longer experience them viscerally, if their violation no longer infuriates us. We can be citizens of a republic; we can have a Constitution and a Congress; but if we, the people, have fallen asleep to the meaning of the Constitution and to the radical implications of representative and direct democracy, then we aren’t really Americans anymore.” ~ Naomi Wolf
  • The Fourth of July gives us fireworks and speeches—not, usually, a reminder that we inherit a sworn duty to rebel at injustice.” ~ Naomi Wolf

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