Working Outline.

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Step 1: Prepare to write by choosing a topic and topic angle.

Choose one of the three topics below for this assignment.

  • Topic 1: Is it more important to have soft skills or hard skills? Support your claim with research, including how either soft skills or hard skills are used in your career.
  • Topic 2: How do the skills you’re learning in General Education courses apply to your future career? Support your paper with research on skills learned in your General Education courses, which are ones on writing, math, science, history, psychology, and statistics. The skills you write about could include communication, time management, logic, study skills, and other hard and soft skills.
  • Topic 3: Convince a friend, family member, or coworker to consider earning a college degree. Identify 3-5 reasons why someone should be a college graduate.

Step 2: Answer the reflection questions.

Answer the questions in a paragraph or list the questions and their answers.

  • Which topic did you choose?
  • Why is this a good topic to write about? (Do you have personal experience? What is your interest? Do you want to learn more about this topic?)
  • Who is the audience of the paper?
  • What are trying to persuade the audience to believe?
  • Will this topic be an easy one to research? Do you have any sources in mind that can help you with this paper? You do not need to a search on your topic right now. Simply think of any sources you know of that you could use in your paper.

Step 3: Write an outline for your paper.

Generate an outline for your final paper.

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