Write 10 pages with APA style on Impacts of Pollution and Globalization in Los Angeles.

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Write 10 pages with APA style on Impacts of Pollution and Globalization in Los Angeles. “Los Angeles has three of the top 10 most polluted zip codes in California: East LA, Vernon, and Baldwin Park. That’s according to a&nbsp.new interactive map&nbsp.released by the California Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday.” (Most Polluted Zip Codes Are In LA, The Huffington Post)

This issue is being reported because pollution has completely damaged the structure of the city and its effects are tremendous. “Chemical, air, water and soil pollution has ruined the environment, causing premature deaths, spoiling the world’s resources and worsen climate change.” (9 Polluted places of the world, The Huffington Post).

The quality of the atmosphere and environment is one of the most attractive and tempting features of any city. The environment is made up of natural as well as manmade things which together build up state fundamental characteristics. The effects of pollution on the city are very controversial. It can damage and dent the city’s environmental conditions resulting in a disaster that can further damage the city’s as well as the country’s natural and manmade resources. Pollution has tremendous impacts for instance it can rupture the tourism within the city causing a major dent in the economy. Furthermore, it affects the quality of life, causes a shortage of food and other requirements hence resulting in a disaster that completely ruins the infrastructure of the place.

The emission of NOX is badly damaging the Californian coast. (Scott, 2012) This particularly deals with the marine emission that has damaged Los Angeles brutally. This text explains the damages and the adverse effects of pollution.

Life in Los Angeles is very expensive. Being a densely populated city, traffic is one of the major problems that are damaging the environment. Los Angeles has already been labeled as one of the most polluted places in the United State of Americas and therefore the constantly increasing traffic adds more to the damage that has already been&nbsp.caused. Tourism in such a region adds more burdens on the traffic and pollution. Los Angeles is mostly dependent on cars, therefore, most of the transport-related activities cause a lot of pollution.&nbsp.


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