Write 5 pages summary based on another’s student’s discussion post.

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Please submit your 5 pages paper under your project 2 assignment folder as the discussion is incorporated into the project 2 grade. I am sorry to not have seen you involved in the mandatory class discussion this last week. Since the discussion was mandatory and a portion of the Project 2 grade, you must complete a 5 page paper summarizing the class discussion.

In the summary you should reference specific classmate posts. You should reference classmates by name within your summary. Your summary should aggregate the class thoughts and include your own research on the topic, which requires you provide your own research and references.

You must submit the 5 pages summary before you can receive a grade for Project 2. Therefore, the deadlines for Project 2 also apply to this 5 page summary.

See attached another student’s post and reference student name in the summary including citations, also ensure to includes your references as well.



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