Write a 5 pages paper on habermas’s view on the public sphere and his dilemma with nancy fraser.

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Write a 5 pages paper on habermas’s view on the public sphere and his dilemma with nancy fraser. Often, there is a conditional acceptance towards issues unless discussed further thus creating a sort of public sphere concerning the discussion of particulars regarding a certain issue. This is the idea that was popularized by Jürgen Habermas. It could tickle one’s interest at it addresses a group that tackles certain issues and topic which Habermas pertains to as a “public sphere.” As the year pass, the “public sphere” had been connoted to be associated with the bourgeois.

How can an issue be freely and truly discussed when the people who are in the so-called sphere who are discussing it have a predetermined opinion at the on-set? With the latter statement being laid, one can predict that the emerging and the already established public spheres are established to gain more followers to their beliefs or opinion. It is only taking the word public as there are still people outside of the “sphere” who need further evaluation of the topic at hand. A conclusion that can be generated by this line of thought would be that the public sphere was introduced to acquire followers who would then further grasp the ideologies of the people who started the sphere. The opinions which are formulated within the public sphere could eventually fuel the aspiration of the population (Durham & Kellner, 75-6).

Habermas seemed to aim towards equality for the information which is being disseminated to the public. There will always be a time when the information will not be passed through everyone in the population. Though there are people, just like journalists, who are designated to give the public the information they deserve as it concerns their well-being and livelihood. However, there are certain groups that are blocking these people from doing their jobs. Habermas aimed, or dreamed, to abolish this and keep the public to be properly informed in their day-to-day lives. At the onset, the public sphere gave certain groups the courage and the weapon to fight the state. This weapon is information. The information has always been very crucial protection towards the stability of society.&nbsp.


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