Write a metacommentary on your research paper. You must have completed the first draft of your research paper to do this assignment. Go through the first draft of your Research Paper and add explanati

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Write a metacommentary on your research paper. You must have completed the first draft of your research paper to do this assignment. Go through the first draft of your Research Paper and add explanations to some difficult concepts and unclear structures in your paper. Also, add explanations to your quotes, pictures or figures, data, etc. that you used in your research paper.  Explain anything that you think you need to make your paper clear to your readers. Mark anything you added in your first draft with yellow color and submit your file to Blackboard.

Here is what does metacommentary mean:

Metacommentary means basically that you are commenting on your commentary.) In your close reading paper, you will need to use metacommentary to help explain both what you are saying and what Freire is saying. Besides explaining what they mean, the writers use it when they give a more in depth explanation to a statement or quote. “As a result, no matter how straightforward a writer you are, readers still need you to help them grasp what you really mean. Here are some examples that should help. “The term ‘metacommentary’ is used to refer to an art practice which continuously de-mythicises and de-automates prevailing discourses and applications of interactivity ‘from the inside’.” (Huhtamo 1995, 84). Use metacommentary to clarify. No matter how clear your writing is, people will still misunderstand what you are trying to say. Helps readers process what you are really saying. Prevents misinterpretations or communication issues. Prevents fist-fights! Use metacommentary to elaborate Helps develop ideas and generate more text. Through the use of his own personal engagement with the issue, as a first person, it has a powerful effect on the essay to persuade and present it to the readers. Well, you probably use metacommentary every day without realizing. Metacommentary is the way in which an author is able to explain what they have said or written by instructing the audience about how what has been said should be interpreted.

A metacommentary is the term used to describe a narrative which directs the reader’s attention to the text’s purpose and positioning. Use metacommentary to elaborate, help develop ideas and generate more text. We use metacommentary instinctually in conversation because we can see when someone is confused, or when they have misinterpreted what we’ve said by what they say or by their facial expressions. American cultural critic Fredric Jameson’s term for his comparative analysis of competing interpretive methods. Jameson says that the metacommentary implies a model not unlike Sigmund Freud’s conception of the relationship between the symptom and its underpinning, but repressed idea.   metacommentary is a way of commenting on your claims and telling others how – and how not – to interpret your ideas. It consists of the main text and the metatext. In the main text, you say something. In the metatext, you guide your readers in interpreting and processing what you’ve said.

Here is the metacommentary template in any way that makes sense:

In making a case for the medical use of marijuana, I am not saying that _____. it should be freely distributed but can help many people who truly need it. But my argument will do more than prove that one particular industrial.

• metacommentary helps you recognize some implications of your idea that you didn’t know were there. • Titles function as metacommentary. • Start with what others say, summarize, quote others, check your verbs, document all summaries and quotations, and remind readers of what others say. • Use metacommentary to clarify what you mean.


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