write one page outline apa format

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This is the selected topic.

Off-Duty Life

Police officers are held to an extremely high standard that requires their personal lives to reflect the integrity of their position. They must maintain a professional image at all times because they are under constant public scrutiny and rely on the public’s trust to maintain their power position. While most jobs end when the individual clocks out, policeman are faced with the ethical issues of maintaining their level of social respect and adherence to the law every moment. This often puts them in direct conflict with society, especially those that have little respect for the law or the badge.

Assignment :

You need to briefly outline the scope of the issue and preliminary analysis. Your three page submission, in APA format will have:

  • a cover page with title of your research project (and all other APA format formalities),
  • second page is a description of your topic and brief analysis with in-text citations.
  • third page is your reference page which lists, in APA format, at least five sources supporting your research project.

Please use good references and no plagiarism.


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