Write summaries, paraphrases and a synthesis of two articles

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Choose two of the articles you selected for your Annotated Bibliography.

Next, submit a word.doc file that includes:

1. For each article, write a summary of each author’s thesis and main points (4-6 sentences)

2. For each article, write a paraphrase of one paragraph (5-8 sentences); paraphrases include the same content and details but in your own words. The sentence structure, word choice and paragraph organization must be completely different from the original text.

3. For each article, integrate a direct quote into a sentence that begins with the source attribution: According to one author, “….” (author page).

4. Finally, write a synthesis paragraph in which you cite both articles on one common main point. Write 5-8 sentences. Use correct MLA style in-text citations.

4. Check the SafeAssign plagiarism report to ensure you have not incorrectly plagiarized the text. Plagiarized portions will be highlighted with a percentage index.


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