Write the first 5 Pages of a 15 Page Paper for A industry Analysis for the restaurant called wienerschnitzel

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Write the first 5 pages of a paper describing the industry trends of the resturant



Feel free to add whatever you like: research you find, ideas for the paper/research, or overall questions.


Industry Analysis Paper

○Section 1 – Introduction (1 Page)

■The Fast Food Industry

■Industry Trends

●What causes market trends?

■Action on industry trends

■Possible sponsorship where trends apply

○Section 2 – Industry Trends (4 Pages)

■Many trends are out there, but only certain ones may apply to weinerschnitzel


●Fast-Casual Dining

○Faster Payment Methods (Apple Pay, Pre-Pay App, Self-Checkout)

○Faster line methods

■Double-Drive thru



●Venmo splitting costs

■Internet of sharing things

●Way of asset sharing

●What can Weinerschitzel create/modify that turns into an asset that can be shared?

■The Food/Final Product

●Healthy/Vegan options

●Limited time options

●Value Meal/Option

■Delivery Options


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