1)Book or scholarly journal article review- must be approved. Read an ethnography or something relevant to anthropology and people and culture and write a review of it. 2-3 pages (10-12 pt font, double-spaced).

2)Film Review- film must be approved. Watch a film that has an anthropological or purely ethnographic theme or a film that allows you to feel like an ethnographer such as The Godfather, The Departed, Do The Right Thing, The Color Purple, etc. Write a review, 2-3 pages. Please do not tell me the ending if I have not yet seen it. Not even a spoiler alert will suffice.

3)Do a short summary (3-5 pages) of an imagined ethnography you do in your mind. It could be based on the culture you just imagined or fictional culture. You could also imagine you do an ethnography of a real cultural group, past, present or future.

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