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This week’s assignment is pretty simple; however, it is the foundation for our week 3, 4, and 5 assignment. This what I propose for the Team,




After reading the directions below, EACH team member should devise a 100 word synopsis about the topic! How would you persuade the Maryland Board of Corrections to fund your research? (read below about the research) How can you ‘We” determine the causes? Etc… Does that make sense?




I also propose that EACH team member should use one reference and cite that reference. Make sure the references are current ‘less than 5 years old. (Don’t worry about APA, just copy and paste the link I will cite prior to submission)




Foot note, although this week’s assignment only requires one RESOURCE, week three’s assignment requires us to providethree-four academic articles that support our hypothesis. (So, two birds in one stone)… Make sure these articles supports your hypothesis!





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