writing a outline

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“I Just Wanna Be Average,” by Mike Rose

Part One:Analysis Directions:

  • Vocabulary: Circle any words that you don’t know. Look them up if you can’t figure out meaning from context.
  • Mark and annotate: Make a note in the margin of any ideas this article inspires; mark important points (underline, highlight, or annotate). Be sure to “talk to the text.” Identify something interesting to talk about!
  • Golden line: In the blank space below, copy your favorite phrase or line from the text.
  • Main idea: What is the main point of this article? In the blank space below, write a one- or two-sentence summary in your own words. Do not write more than two sentences.

Part Two:Responding to Textbook Questions

  • Briefly respond to questions 1, 2, 4 on page 135.
  • Look at the photographs from the Visual Portfolio beginning on page 172. Is there a photo that relates to this reading or what we’ve read so far?Why?

Part three: “I Just Want to be Average” Discussion

Please share an insight that you gleaned from the article “I Just want to be Average.” How do the concepts in the article relate to your personal experiences?

Write at least 8-9.


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