Writing help needed on tips for stretching IT budgets

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1.  IFG Informational Presentation: Read the mini-case, Innovation at Internal Foods.pdf 

Assuming the role of Josh Novak, construct a presentation for your new team
at IFG. Your presentation should include the following:

a)  Comparison and contrast of the IFG and
Glow-Foods approaches to doing business.

b)  Description of the obstacles/challenges
that these differences represent.

Stop short of recommending solutions; make this strictly
a factual/informational presentation. Plan an approximately 10-minute
presentation. You will not actually make the presentation, but write what you
would say in the Notes area of each slide. At the beginning of each note,
include the timing for each slide. Cite in APA PowerPoint presentations.

2.  Written Response to Six Tips for Stretching IT Budgets in 2009

Read this link “http://www.cioupdate.com/budgets/article.php/3813041/Six-Tips-for-Stretching-IT-Budgets-in-2009.htm” and then complete a well-written 5-6 pages
paper assessing the positive and negative impacts these recommendations might
have on both operations and strategic investment spending. You should use at
least three sources to support your assessment with APA requirements.


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