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X-men Apocalypse starts just well, especially with the visuals, introduction, and the dominant mutants present as the characters. Published in 2015, the presence of a powerful mutant in a simple society makes everything more interesting. The film unfolds with some level of complication, particularly when fiction is introduced in the story (Thrushel, 2004). Most of the characters have little exploration to their motivation. The presence of splinter groups fighting each other is the themes, which is mostly present in superhero movies.

What intrigues me the most in this fiction film is that the apocalypse upgrades each character, and renames the archangel with new wings? This is way cooler that other original film creations. The two examples of fiction in the movie x-men involve themes of uneasiness and visions of utopias, especially among characters. The movie is a symbolism of how transformations are bound to be realized in the world and more so, how much individuals need to step out and embrace social change about technological developments.

I consider this film the best at presenting fiction and more so, it brings back memories of show reruns which were present back when I was in first grade. Technology is expected to change a lot in the society, and production of entertainment concepts which portray the activities around the world is a real phenomenon (Bowles, 2012). The field of science is diverse and needs to be not only supported but encouraged through developing science-related concepts in different communities and the world as a whole. Scientific and technological developments lead magnificently to social transformation.

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