you will perform ethnographic research and write an essay of no less than 5 pages on a community group that you are interested in

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For this I essay I kind of chose the car community but you can choose any community you want. Minimum 5 pages!

Essay #2: Informative Essay–Ethnography
For this assignment, you will perform ethnographic research and write an essay of no less than 5 pages on a community group that you are interested in.

Ethnography is best defined as “the study and systematic recording of human cultures.” Within your life, you exist as part of many “communities” of people who face certain challenges, speak a certain lingo, and have a shared culture. These are not communities in the traditional way we think of them, but are “subcultures” within the population, such as students, men, women, retail workers, soccer players, or any other group that defines itself as separate from others. Your goal, therefore, is to inform an audience with no previous knowledge of this group about something interesting about the group.

To accomplish this essay, you will be required to observe a particular community that you are part of on two separate occasions. As you complete your exploration of the community, you will record your observations in a field research log, create and conduct interviews, and analyze the community that you are observing.

This essay is designed to hone your research and analytical skills; provide further practice utilizing detail and description, angle of vision, voice, and tone to appeal to audience expectations, and provide further practice with essay organization. While you are not required to use any library sources for this essay, you are required to conduct interviews and observations to enhance your research. You will interview a minimum of two different people and you will incorporate direct quotes from your interviews into your essay and cite them according to MLA format. You will maintain a field research log where you will write down all of your observation notes from meetings and events you attend. Your skills with concrete description developed during the narrative unit will come in handy when presenting support for your thesis in this essay. The final essay must be at least 1200 words, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font.

The key to a successful informative essay is to go into your field research with a research question you want to explore about your selected career or community group. Afterward, analyze the research you have collected, asking yourself: “What surprised me? What did I learn that I did not already know? Is there new information that may surprise my readers?”

Using your critical thinking skills, you are to develop from your research an understanding of what you think is significant about your subculture and develop a thesis that brings new or surprising information to your audience.

When evaluating your essay, I will consider the following:

Does the essay focus on expanding the readers’ knowledge?

Does it convey new information? Emphasize facts?

Does it provide detailed support for the curious reader?

Does it supply evidence derived from both observation and interviews?

Is the essay clearly and logically organized?

It the style and tone appropriate? Is the essay well written, grammatically and mechanically?

Does the writer show evidence of an effective writing process?

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