Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on mother and the sanctuary for her childs confidences.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on mother and the sanctuary for her childs confidences. How I Am Like My Mother My father watches my mother and me come down the stairs, and he beams. These two beautiful ladies, will be his hostesses forthe evening. It is my eighteenth birthday, and its ‘celebration time’. My Dad is a busy neurosurgeon, and often socializing takes a low priority on his agenda. Mom, a writer goes into hibernation every time she is ‘expecting’ her book. So the family rarely has time to socialize. We smile back at him, our left dimples appearing out of nowhere.

Our first guests arrive, and one can almost see their eyes widen with surprise. I can guess what they see. By eighteen, I look a lot like Mom. I am her height- well in my high heels to be honest. We share the same hair color, widow’s peak, and skin tone…and will those dimples still look great, when we grow older. Armed with these physical assets and her quick mind, I put on airs to match her elegance, because I believe that’s a shortcut to becoming more like her.

Well, to be straight, we look the same when we are in this frame of mind, and in a lovely environment such as this. However, when we have our differences, Mom becomes a cool still lake without a single ripple, and I am like a stormy sea with huge emotional waves crashing all over – and even then we are the same… because we tenaciously hang on to our individual point of view.

My biology teacher had of course de-mystified the whole business of inheritance so I knew why I look like her. My mother had genes that expressed traits more dominantly than my father’s for eye color, dimples, and the widows peak, so I inherited the dominant set from her. In reality, it is the complex interaction of several genes that gives rise to these traits. Genes are very basic units of inheritance that decide what traits will be expressed. These genes are made of DNA, riding on chromosomes. DNA are in the form of double helices, and their constituent protein sequence determines the gene structure, and thereby the trait expressed. (Heredity and Genetics). That is why I have Dad’s eyes, and still most of me looks like my mother.

The day has been long and exciting, and as I get between the covers of my bed, I cannot stop the last thought that goes through my mind, as Mom walks in to say goodnight. Even without our physical resemblances I would love to be like Mom – to be an organized home-keeper and balance a wonderful career at one and the same time, to be the strength of her husband, and the sanctuary for her child’s confidences. God bless Mother.

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