Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the issue of human trafficking.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the issue of human trafficking. It has been noted that all the countries are affected by trafficking. The trade of humans aims at sexual slavery, forced labor, or even the extraction of internal human organs (Cullen-DuPont, 2009). It is a crime against individual rights through coercion and commercial exploitation. Human trafficking is the trade of people and it does not necessarily entail the movement of individuals to another country.

Human trafficking is usually in different forms, women and children are usually trafficked as sex slaves in brothels. They are also others who are trafficked across the border and they are forced to work in factories and domestic servitudes. Male children are usually trafficked and forced to be child soldiers and the healthy individuals have their organs removed and they are sold to people in need. The traffickers have been noted to target individuals such as migrants, the homeless, and the less fortunate. Traffickers are people from all sexes and families and they supply the people to various destinations and distribution centers. Trafficking usually happens in the entire world, there are countries that are identified as the main suppliers, and this is a crime. Human trafficking deprives individuals of their human rights and freedom. It is depicted as one of the global health risks and it accelerates the increase of organized crimes in a given country.

Child soldier recruitment is described as one of the major types of human trafficking. It is estimated that currently there are more than 250,000 child soldiers in the entire world. Girls comprise 40% of the total population of child soldiers, and they are referred to as the sex slaves of the male combats (Kahn, 2008). The majority of the rebel organizations use children as soldiers to fight against their governments, although some governments have been noted to recruit child soldiers in their armies. It is evident that not all children have an active part on the combat, some act as cooks, porters, and spies. As part of a recruitment technique, the children are usually forced to kill some of their family members.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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